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Hey Ernest - Thanks for the post! Just learned about this post from Jack at Gurus of the Ghetto. Yeah, they deleted the article marketing thread where Pepper81 and I posted in, though it was bound to happen, I guess. Anyway, I'll keep posted for more stuff from you!

Ernest Hemingway III

Hey Marx,
Good to hear from you.If you care to guest post here and give something of value to newbies you would be welcome.


Hi. Great post. I am a member of a paid foorum where "Alexa Smith" has her own 2 sub-forums on, yep, Article Marketing and Making $ with Clickbank. When I broached the topic of possible duplicity as mentioned here openly on this forum the links I posted in support of my suspicions were taken down and I was squashed by senior forum members and scolded with comments like "Don't believe everything you read." Alexa him/herself responded that this whole mess has caused her and he family great stress, and insists she is who she claims to be, and chastised me saying friedsn that know her know she is telling the truth, etc, etc. The forum is Online Business Insiders. Any advice? as I have not been banned (it's paid after all) but I have been malihned by members for "siding with haters." I am asking for any advice on what I could say in rebuttal as the ball is in my court! You can rach me at xxxxxxxx(edited to protect privacy.Ernest) Thanks!

Ernest Hemingway III

Hi Alohatom
I edited your email in the comment above to protect your privacy (thanks for the comment by the way).
Can you give me your email again as I forgot to save it before editing (doh!)
You can put it in any comment and i will not publish the comment but simply get your email address.

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