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Jason Kanigan

You know what, mystery person? You might have been right on this one. That's the reason why I took the offer down. I didn't think about forum rules, and frankly you've driven more traffic to my site by people looking for a deal. So they have you to thank for me removing it.

I have the right to sell MY products at whatever price I feel like. If someone signs up to my list, I can make them whatever offer I choose.

Jason Kanigan

Oh, and your comment about me becoming a sales expert in 1 year? It's been about 15. My first post-college role was sales & marketing for large power plants. Then I moved into control equipment. I was a credit manager for 4 years...that's a lot of selling... responsible for $2 million per MONTH in collectibles. Then I did business development consulting, turning companies around.

Maybe you don't know this, or are choosing not to know, but in 2009 I moved to the US. Had to start over completely. First job? Sales trainer.

So thank you for your skepticism, but I DO have years and years of real-world sales experience.

Ernest Hemingway III

So if I contact the medical devices company who currently employ you they would confirm that you are their sales manager/sales trainer and NOT a product manager? :-)

Jason Kanigan

The current role I have is NOT my first role in the US, sorry.

Jason Kanigan

Can't post my reply, huh. So much for your hunt for the "truth"...if it's inconvenient to you, you just ignore it.

Ernest Hemingway III

I see you have avoided the question. I assume therefore that you are indeed a "product manager" and not a sales manager or trainer in your North Carolina job.

You and I both know that the stuff you trot out on the WF is theoretical stuff that you have never implemented..
..successfully anyway or you would be working in sales...or for yourself.

As for your "testimonials"? How could they be credible coming from a man who has faked video reviews?

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