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I think IM-MMO may be starting to crack or crumble. Or maybe it's already been doing that for a while and I just haven't noticed because I'm only just barely on the very outermost fringe looking in and cringing all the time. Or maybe it's not crumbling at all, but merely fading and it's most obvious at the Tiffany Dow level.

For me, IM-MMO now is kinda like a train wreck--can't help but look and stare.

And I guess, maybe, it's not all scammers. Probably. Maybe. We'll see.

If Ms. Tiffany Dow made a public (very public) apology (and it has to be real--none of thus "I'm sorry, but-really-*I'm*-the-victim-here crap) and pledged to conduct her business in the future in a much more honest way that would help.

The trouble is, if Ms. Dow's whole business is centered around her being perceived as an expert, then if she has to admit that isn't really an expert, there's nothing left to sell. Oops.

Furry cows moo and decompress.

Ernest Hemingway III

Yes, her apologia for her behavior added insult to injury and really demonstrated how classless a "lady" she really is.

Her attempts to reformulate her brand seems to support your contention that this whole MMO thing is a train wreck..

Ernest Hemingway III

Oh, forgot to thank you for your comment:-)


Ms. Dow is the most narcissistic, self-serving individual who thrives on negative publicity. This is not the first time she's shown her tru colours and it won't be her last, I can guarantee that. ;)

Ernest Hemingway III

Thanks for the comment D.

Yes, the narcissism is pretty obvious and all of that starting into a freaking video cam is freaking me out:-)

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