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D Windham

How very interesting! We've been dealing with this guys crappy (PRICEY) scripts for a while now. Seems he touts major success and gives everyone a 3-5 page script...any seasoned caller knows that you don't need, and will never use 3-5 pages of scripting. Oh, and what's more interesting, I can't tell you how many of those paid for "personalized" scripts were exactly the same except for the name of the company.

I liked this ad for Brian...where he will do all kinds of things for your business!

Jason Kanigan

Mystery person:

Man, there are some things we wish we never did. At the start of my internet marketing career, when I didn't know anything, I thought "Hey, a spokesperson for my stuff would be great! Someone who's articulate and does a much better job than "Umm...it was good. You should get it." So yes, I gave Brian a couple of my products and he did the vids...before I even started selling anything on the Warrior Forum.

Fact is, I don't need them, didn't need them, and you can see the dozens of testimonials from my clients on my WSO pages. I should have deleted those vids long ago, and I have now. Haven't even thought of them for a year, so thanks for pointing them out.

For anyone reading, paid testimonials need to be disclosed as such. Learned this a few months ago on a reputation management webinar. I made an error in not doing so; however, these were not used except on a blog and in a very early autoresponder series. He did receive my products and everything he said in the videos was factual.

Hey MWind!

You're mistaken, since I don't provide a 3-5 page script, and I do give video training with the package. So you must be thinking of someone else. Each script comes from an email or skype consultation, and my clients are happy with the results.

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