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Personally, I hate articles that call other individuals scammers or that use vulgar language throughout, spewing the authors hatred and emotional diarrhea over everyone who happens across his rantings.

I also look for the "alternative", non-scam, effective method which the author supposedly is aware of and willing to turn his readers onto. Often such information isn't provided, while the author is simply trying to steal the affiliates credit or some such motive.

In this case, the author finally takes a short breath near the end of his rantings to say that authority content sites are the alternative and what works currently. Unfortunately, both links which he provided are outdated, making the article essentially worthless other than to leave the hopeful marketer beat up and without any solution provided. Simply breadcrumbs which they are apparently expected to follow, while lacking any nutrition after spending too much time reading this raving than is merited.

Ernest Hemingway III

English is clearly not your first language.

There is no "vulgar language" in this post...just cold, hard facts.

Don't try to misrepresent the truth; there are enough idiots in the "internet marketing" space to do that.

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